Kiten resort is located in southeastern Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast, 55 km south of Bourgas, 5 km south of Primorsko and 12 kilometers northwest of the center of the neighboring municipality of Tsarevo. It is situated north of the estuary Karaagach / Kitenska river / and part of it - a small peninsula Urdoviza.

The main features of the terrain in Kiten, which are essential for tourism are two picturesque bays - Karaagach Atliman and beaches. There are other beautiful small bays on the coast Strandjan / Sozopol, Kavatsite Stomoplo /, but each has its own conditions and charm.

The combination of wooded spurs of the Strandja and contributing to sea beaches that are the main natural resource, which determines the development of a resort Kiten village and a center for summer recreation. Kiten has two sandy beaches with a total area of ​​approximately 145,000 m2. North beach or "Kiten-Atliman" is at the bottom of the Bay. It has an area of ​​about 81,000 m2, which includes the beautiful sand dunes. On both sides of the beach is surrounded by high cliff. South Beach is divided into two beaches - "Kiten-South" and "Kiten camping." It is located on the Gulf Urdoviza that is more open to the sea. The length of its shore is 1380 m to the south reaches the mouth of the river Karaagach and north to the beginning of Urdoviza rocky peninsula that is now built jetty. Kiten near the beaches of IYC - "Primorsko" and "Primorsko-South", which are among the largest beaches on the Black Sea south of Burgas. Kiten has a mild, sunny, warm and humid transitional climate. The average annual temperature is 12 ° C and average January does not fall below 2 ° C. In Kiten not seen the inside of a typical Strandja frosts in winter. The average daily temperature in summer is 27 ° C, it is warm with 1700 hours of sunshine from May to October.

The prevailing winds are westerly direction and breeze circulation during the warm half of the year. Good weather, combined with the characteristics of the landscape - closed bays suggest calm sea during most of the summer. Adverse been heavy rain and thunderstorms in late summer usually in late August and September. The resort is located on the Black Sea, which itself is enclosed sea - the only connection to the World Ocean's Bosphorus Strait, which connects it to the Sea of ​​Marmara. This explains the low salinity, which contribute flowing into major European rivers Danube, Dnieper, Dniester and Don. 18 ppm Black Sea salinity distinguished from all other seas as subtle tides, and the absence of dangerous marine life. These conditions provide excellent conditions for the development of tourism in the summer sea shores of this basin, and other recreational activities such as water sports, fishing, etc.